Best TV Shows and Series for Entrepreneurs

Best Show and TV Series for Entrepreneurs Cat Colle

I usually never sit on my couch and watch TV specially when is a whole series. I like to read books instead and usually I’m hardly ever at my place. I’m always on the go or traveling and when I do have some down time I’m at the GYM.

So when I do stop my life to watch something it’s because it has to be really WORTH it for me.I have listed here the Best TV Shows and Series for Entrepreneurs out there in my opinion. These shows have impacted my career in a very positive way and I hope it does the same to you!


#1 The Men Who Built America

It is mind blowing how America was built by entrepreneurs! Literally every technology, railroads, energy, buildings etc.. was all built by US, the people and not the government! Without a free and positive ground none of this would be possible. Watching this documentary makes you realize why the USA it’s so advanced in many ways, because it was the only country in the world to be built by entrepreneurs and we should fight the government to keep it that way! The less involvement the government has in the market the better the economy. This series is not as much as a movie as the trailer portraits to be, it’s more of a biography of the biggest American entrepreneurs of all times! The series also brings in comments from current entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban and Donald Trump so it’s never a dull episode. (Available on Netflix)


#2 Ascent of Money

Series by Niall Ferguson a Harvard professor and author, it shows a financial history of the world. Literally how money started since the beginning of humanity when money was actually “salt” or other valuable trade commodities at the time. Ascent of Money takes you back all the way to when the first bank was invented and why it’s called “bank” , the first stock “crash” , how money impacts every single war and why do crisis happen. It’s an amazing detailed series about the history of MONEY and will open your eyes to the future. (Available on Youtube)


#3 Undercover Boss

Now that you had a good amount of history of entrepreneurship and money, it’s time to move on to modern day subjects. Undercover Boss covers a great deal as of why a lot of CEO’s and CFO’s have a hard time administrating their companies. While they have amazing degrees and financial experience, they do not know the details of the bottom departments which sometimes can make a huge difference in a company’s image and profits. As an entrepreneur you are probably going to have to do it all, weather you have a store, a business or an idea, you will have to wear many hats and all those experiences will be very valuable for your future. (Available on Netflix)

#4 Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a very famous show nowadays. I remember watching when it first came out and I loved it. Absolutely gives people that goes there an opportunity to market their product or idea to millions of viewers, even if they don’t get a deal. Shark Tank also shows how an investment deal is made and the usual questions investors will make. As a big plus the sharks will usually give the participants advices which are very valuable in different ways. It’s a fun show to watch so it won’t feel as serious as the first 2 in my list. (Available on Youtube or ABC website)

#5 Celebrity Apprentice

Yes! This show is very entertaining and sometimes even silly but you can learn a whole lot about team work and how to deal with different egos and personalities just by watching it. Usually the ones who let their ego to the side are the most successful and make it to the end. It’s also fun to watch the tasks because it stimulates your creativity by making you think how would you have done it different if you were in their position. All the drama on the show can very well happen on your company, if doesn’t already happen, so taking an outside look helps to avoid it. (And the whole show is about giving money to charity so that alone is a good reason to watch it! Available on Youtube)

#6 House of Cards

As every entrepreneur in any country of the world we are at mercy of the government and their laws, so it’s highly important to understand how they operate, specially the back office stuff that the public has no idea of. House of Cards was able to capture just that, how media manipulation works, how the lobbyst will work their needs and the reason behind every new law and project. It’s important to note that every country has their level of corruption, but House of Cards did an incredible job about the American government. The author of the show even mentioned that the character Claire Underwood was based on Hilary Clinton. Watch the show and make your own conclusions 😉 (Available on Netflix)

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