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Hello guys I have been away for a while! Sorry but I traveled a lot lately and now my family is visiting me so I have to enjoy every moment with them as I don’t get to see them a lot throughout the year. I also have been working non stop until very late hours to finish a lot of projects! It has been quite a ride and I can say this year is the busiest yet, but totally worth it! That being said, I wanted to update you on my  latest projects:

Glamour Nutrition – Lean Machine

We recently have launched the first 24hrs Weight Loss System Program and I’m extra excited about this one because of the technology (I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to science). This product contains 120 capsules, 6o Capsules for the day time and 60 capsules for the night time. Very cool right? But the cooler thing is the Day Capsules, I’m in love with them… The reason why is because of the Multi-Phase technology, the ingredients on the outside capsule are liquid and will dissolve right away, while the ingredients on the internal capsule are powder and will have a gradual release. It’s truly amazing and this kind of technology promotes a 24hrs thermogenic effect on your body. Another cool concept about this product is that it works when you sleep. A lot of people don’t know, but when you don’t sleep well your hormones are unbalanced and then your appetite will be out of control causing you to gain weight. Lean Machine night liquid capsules are designed to balance those hormones while you sleep, promoting relaxation and consequently working as an appetite suppressant.  The chromium picolinate on the night capsule is already famous for building muscle and burning fat but another benefit is the that it regulates blood sugar which is essential for you not to wake up several times at night! Citrus Aurantium works as a great appetite suppressant, making sure you don’t over eat. QUALITY Guaranteed.

You can buy it at PureFormulas.Com

I have posted photos about this product in my social media and I got a lot of DMs. To answer all your questions I made a quick review/explanation video about the LEAN MACHINE (I tried my best, hope you can understand everything with my brazilian accent lol).

Orlando City Contest! #MidwayFuel

Another exciting project I have been working on Midway Labs USA is the partnership with Orlando City Soccer Team. We are offering the opportunity for you to meet all Orlando City Players and participate on a soccer practice at the Orlando City field! If you have been a fan this is your chance to meet all the soccer stars such as Kaká! All you have to do is upload your video showing your best soccer skills on instagram using the hashtag #MidwayFuel and that’s it, you are in the contest! Top videos voted by the public will then go to the finals and be judged by a panel of professionals.

Check out all the entries and vote for your favorites: HERE

Orlando City Show us your skills cat colle business update

Kaká Sports Edition ALL SPORTS

So you are not a heavy lifter but you love to practice sports and be active, you wonder what can you take to have more energy and stamina but seems like all these options can get you confused? Well with that in mind the soccer player and legend Kaká decided to partner up with Midway Labs USA to create the line of sports nutrition products Kaká Sports Edition. His goal is to demystify the use of supplements. Anybody can use them, even if you don’t work out. Everybody can benefit from them, regardless of your age or activity! It’s not just for weight loss or weight gain, it’s for energy, health, speed and focus. An executive can use supplements to focus and work long hours in his desk, a mom can use them to have extra energy to take care of the household and a guy who plays soccer only sundays can use them to have a extra kick against his friends. These are the kind of supplements that will help you achieve the best performance every single day no matter what the activity is.

For more information visit: HERE

Military Trail Line of Products – The Real Heroes!

I never understood why people praised celebrities when the actual real heroes are the ones who are giving their life to protect our country! With that concept in mind we created a extreme advanced line of products with premium patented ingredients in the industry #MilitaryTrail. This line caters to professional bodybuilders and people who are in a advanced level of resistance work out. If you never worked out before I do not recommend this line as is extremely powerful! So take it easy… now if you have been working out for a while, go ahead and try it for yourself. With powerful herbs and extracts this is definitely a WIN with those who look for muscular pump, testosterone booster, muscular definition and strength. Oh and there’s even an sexual enhancement “EREforce”, 100% natural and with extracts from the rain forest. So guys… go ahead and give it a try!




So that’s it! A lot of different projects targeted to different audiences, all of them very exciting! There’s a little bit for everybody, Girls get GLAMOUR NUTRITION, Professional Lifters get MILITARY TRAIL and all lovers of sports get KAKÁ SPORTS EDITION. DIVERSITY is what an entrepreneur needs. If you always do the same thing and don’t leave your comfort zone then you will never EVOLVE.

Hope you all enjoyed the updates and maybe next time I will just do it in a video if the accent doesn’t bother you lol


Catherine Colle



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