Catching Up With Jeb Bush

Catherine Colle and Jeb Bush

We are experiencing a heated 🔥 2016 Presidential Campaign like we have never seen before!
Everybody is heavily involved and in tune with the issues now that we have so many outspoken candidates, specially in the Republican Party. Being from Florida☀️ I definitely have a liking for Jeb Bush.

He was Governor of Florida from 1998 until 2007! Having many of my friends and business connections from Florida we all know that Florida wouldn’t be the massive economy it is today if it wasn’t for Jeb. He reduced governor workforce in FL by 13,000 and was always working towards a growth in exports and tourism. Now it’s clear as of why city’s like Miami are a real metropolis, the foundation was built under Jeb’s watch…look at any direction and you see Freeways being built , several buildings being built in Brickell, Sunny Illes, Aventura, Hallandale Beach several communities and houses over Doral, Boca and Del Ray and let’s not forget about the ports! Miami is one of the top cities for exports in the entire country! And of course the business and industrial areas are extensively growing. (Let’s not even mention tourism) When the rest of the country seems to be slowing down, FL is skyrocketing in the economy. 🚀

Being an entrepreneur does gives me more of a republican mindset because of their pro business outlook but I also have a lot of “liberal” views so I don’t know if I can be classified in a certain box. What I do know is that I like the work Jeb Bush did in FL, regardless of what his last name may be.

Still early to make any conclusions as there’s so many candidates! Trump definitely brought the heat up and the spotlight into a lot of important causes, on the other side you have Bernie and Hillary touching on other issues, there’s new topics coming up every week.

In the end we can’t forget that regardless of who is gonna represent our country, that person must be BALANCED. If we put somebody in power that has too much of a radical view it can become very dangerous, specially in foreign affairs.

We need somebody aggressive and strong but at the same time wise and intelligent to know when somethings are better off left unsaid to not create further enemies or unnecessary tension.

Last night I was able to see most of those qualities in Jeb as he gave us a speech to a small gathering I was invited to. His energy, warmth and sense of humor were refreshing (he even complemented my shoes 👠lol) those are usually qualities that the media doesn’t spotlight! I think there’s a lot more surprises coming up on this race and the excitement keeps on growing.

While the race has a lot of media attention let’s not forget the real issues of the country and not get sucked up into politics attacks or fights. What is each of the candidates real plan for each issue? So far has been only talk and that’s not enough. Let’s keep our eyes and minds open for 2016!!

I should have more photos from the media in a few days and will be updating this post with them.

Let me know who is your favorite candidate for President of the United States in 2016? 🇺🇸

PS. Special thanks to Jeb Bush and his team for inviting me and thanks to my friend Joey for the support and flying all the way from North Carolina!

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