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Detecting Deception Cat Colle

Weather is in business or life in general is extremely important to be aware of those around you and specially the ones you think you can trust the most. Deception and lying are part of human nature and you really cannot assume that just because you are pure and truthful that everybody else around you will.

It’s always recommended to see the good in people but there’s definitely signs that you can pick up early on to notice if someone is deceiving or lying to you:

– Creating an Illusion

People who are masters of manipulation will usually dig in information about you which they will later use to create an illusion in your mind, making you trust them blindly. They know what you want and crave and that’s exactly what they say and give to you in the beginning, so you will be blind by an illusion that they never meant to fulfill. Watch out for you wanting to fall for that illusion! As Oscar Wilde used to say: “Illusion is the first of all pleasures” So this step has much to do with you, have your eyes open at all times.

– “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with

This sentence is very true. Is the person you trust surrounding themselves with moral oriented people? Or are they surrounding themselves with other people who lie and cheat? Just think about it for a moment, for someone to spend a lot of time with those kind of people is because they also have something in common with them.

– Pick Up On The Small Signs

Is the person you trust saying contradictory things? For example: Spending a lot of money in superfluous things  but then complains about small bills for their kids ? Or that person may not drive or live somewhere that matches their lifestyle?  That’s a sign that there’s obviously something wrong. If somebody can spend $2,000 a night for a dinner, they shouldn’t be complaining about anything else. What it can really mean is that they were actually using someone else’s money just to create a fake image about themselves.

– Trying Too Hard to Impress You

Is the person you trust trying really hard to impress you? Are they repeatedly telling you long stories of what they want and what they did? It’s a sign to watch. Real people don’t need to go on and beyond to show their commitment and they may be doing things to impress you just to blind you from another situation that they may not want you to know. Giving you gifts, exaggeratedly complementing you, treating you extra nice, there’s nothing wrong with that but really watch out for manipulation here. After they win your “heart” they can get important information out of you.

– Moving Too Fast

When you are working towards a future you usually take caution in your decisions so why shouldn’t the other person do the same? If the person is moving too fast it’s because they have something else in mind other than what they are saying. Someone that cares for their future will take in consideration a lot of different aspects of the business and life and won’t seem desperate. Always watch out if someone is pressuring you into signing certain papers.

– Look At Their Past

Have you done a simple internet research on their name? Did you find any dirt? If so then honestly take that in consideration. Meeting someone that you don’t have any references can be very exciting if you get a long with the person right away but can also be very dangerous because that person can create a fake reality to you. Look where they worked before, if they have moved too much from different companies or were connected to any companies that failed, that’s a big sign to watch out. A person who is consistent will have a consistent background, there’s no double stories for the same fact.

– Morals Comes From Family

Have you noticed how they treat their families? Are they a dedicated parent ? Are they in good contact with older relatives? Distance from family can mean a lot of things but mostly that the person does not have good morals and values. They can try to show dedication really hard by talking about them and posting photos but you will see the truth when they value other choices instead of spending time with their family. Also do you have details of how they treat their loved ones or how they ended their last relationship? All those are signs to watch , if someone was dating somebody for years and suddenly shows up with someone else then they definitely do not have very good morals or respect. All these things come into place when trusting somebody with your business.

– Artificial Comments and Contradiction

Someone you trust will  be there for you for more than just money, they are there because they want to see your business grow. Look at their lifestyle and comments to catch anything that seems really artificial. Those are usually the ones that will lie. Another point is contradiction, if there’s something they said that contradicts something they do then that’s also a big hint.

– Physical Signs

Is the person you trust drinking excessively? Are they gaining weight fast ? Having too many headaches? All those things can be signs of a feeling of guilt. Whenever we feel guilty we usually don’t feel good, so really watch out for the same feeling in others.

– Line of Work

Last but not least is what kind of work they do can also give you big hints. Is that person working in a industry that has a bad reputation? Are they lying for a living?  Some industries will encourage their employees to sell a lifestyle (Illusion) and take advantage of others. Really take in consideration what they did or what they do now and you will start to pick up invisible signs on their language.


Above all trust your intuition, if you have a feeling that you cannot trust certain person then really do trust yourself because you are always going to be right. You may not know now, but truth always shows no matter how hard they try to hide it. People who deceive and lie are not aware that they are actually creating harm to themselves, their futures and their health. If you have gone trough a “eye opening” experience then you can bet you will be able to avoid this in the future. It’s particular difficult for young people to tell but I hope this post helps you just as much as it has helped me when analyzing several situations and making important decisions.

” Some people are gold, others are simply gold plated. Learn the difference. “





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