EXAME article Women Leaders Increase in the Corporate World

Catherine Colle EXAME Midway Labs USA Glamour Nutrition

This last week I had the wonderful experience of being featured at an article at EXAME Read here

Exame’s is one the largest corporate magazine and news portal in Brazil, the article even tough is in Portuguese can be translated in your browser. The reason why I loved it it’s because its showing how the corporate world has changed, specially in Brazil where I grew up . I truly have experienced some challenges over there , however I’m so happy to see how much the atmosphere has changed! Women today are more and more occupying leadership roles within corporations, gaining respect at a worldwide level and taking what they deserve. I’m super proud to see more women in the work space and It’s so inspiring to meet them. This article touches base on how the market has changed over the years and how GLAMOUR NUTRITION embodies exactly what us women are achieving: independence, innovation and uniqueness. I hope you enjoy it! And thanks for my PR agent in BR Fernando Flores for making this happen.

Catherine Colle Midway Labs USA Glamour Nutrition EXAME women corporate world
Article at EXAME



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