The Power Of Learning – Neuroplasticity

First of all, its been a long time! So much has happened since the last post and it feels good to be back writing. For this reason I wanted to post about a complete random subject that I love, which is our brain and neuroscience.

Everybody that knows me well, knows that my favorite activity is reading books. I do it every single day and sometimes read as many as six books at once from a wide range of subjects and always with an open mind. Reading is like exercise for your brain, literally.

Recent neuro research has proven that every single time your brain learns something new, the physical aspects of your brain CHANGE. Now this is major and mind blowing because it’s somewhat proof that thoughts affect the physical reality and in our brain’s case it’s instant !

This also proves that we are literally at every moment constantly changing and evolving, just like a master piece in its works. The only difference is that you are the sculpture and the sculptor at the same time. How exciting?

Now that you are aware of your mind’s power, it’s the perfect opportunity to start modifying yourself positively and effectively! Neuroplasticity ( the physical alteration of your brain trough learning ) can happen anytime, anywhere and at any age. This is the beauty of it, all you have to do is learn something new.

We constantly exercise our bodies, so why not the mind!?

Check out the TED talk below with Dr Lara Boyd for more details on this topic. You do have the power to reset your brain and your life.

” Neuroplasticity “

I accidentally have been doing Neuroplasticity to myself my whole life, trough the habit of reading books, learning with family and friends, experiences etc.. you probably have been doing the same but now your are AWARE and this changes everything.

Now there’s no more excuses, you are more powerful than you think, go ahead and put that power to good use. Just as much as brains change physically in a positive perspective,  it can also change on a negative perspective so make sure that you are surrounded by positivity and progress , as Neuroplasticity happens at any moment without you being aware as its part of a perfect natural biological process.

Take in this new knowledge to BUILD YOURSELF

Enjoy your ever changing self.



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