Paris City of Lights 

Unfortunately the whole world was obligated to watch such coward attitude by ISIS. I was supposed to go there in a few days but had to cancel last minute! A lot of people had to do the same and the worst consequence ISIS leaves is exactly that, FEAR. It affects not only the moral of the country but the economy of the world’s number 1 city visited by tourists each year.

At times like this we have to stand up and fight back, hoping for the best is not enough, it’s time to take action!

I have been fortunate enough to have visited Paris several times before the attack and wanted to share here my best memories of this beautiful city which I truly love and will be back to #PrayForParis

Lovely Memories in Paris

1 – Yacht de Paris

Highly recommend, an unforgettable experience. It’s super romantic and the dinner comes in 7 courses, every dish is a french delicacy and the appetizers come in while you are drinking champagne by the fire place. Gold leafs scattered around your delicious food and plenty of DOM Perignon! It’s a kind of spoiled moment but so worth it, eat great food while cruising around the Seine river, get a great view of the Eiffel Tower and the Alexander Bridge. Make sure to ask your hotel concierge to make reservations in advance.

le jules verne Catherine Colleyacht de paris Catherine Colle yacht de paris Catherine Colle yacht de paris Catherine Colle Catherine Colle Eiffel Tower Paris

2 – Napoleon Hotel

Located right next to the monument Arc De Triumph this hotel is just steps away from the main avenue Champs-Élysées where you find a lot of restaurants and designer stores. It’s a very tourist area, compares to Time Square in NY. The hotel itself besides being very well located it’s also very nice, each room has a living room and most of them with balconies. Our room had this gigantic balcony with the view of the Arc De Triumph. The hotel also has a gym, lounge with fireplace for afternoon teas or late night meetings and of course a great restaurant with live music. You feel like you are back to the “old times” like the movie Midnight in Paris.

Napoleon-facadeNapoleon Hotel Catherine Colle

3 – Dinner Inside the Eiffel Tower

Ah Le Jules Verne! That night has to be one of the best experiences I had in Paris. This restaurant is a must go if you really want to experience the Eiffel Tower essence. Dinner reservations are really hard to get, sometimes taking up to 6 months to get in! Unless you are lucky like we were! The hotel concierge was able to get us in on a table that had just been canceled the moment they called and we simply hopped in a car and were there within minutes 🙂

le jules verne Catherine Colle le jules verne Catherine Colle le jules verne Catherine Colle le jules verne Catherine Colle le jules verne Catherine Colle le jules verne Catherine Colle le jules verne Catherine Colle le jules verne Catherine Colle

4 – Musée de l’Armée (LES INVALIDES)

My favorite museum EVER. Napoleons tomb, world war history from every single country, evolution of guns and warfare, real pieces of history from more than 2,000 years before christ and display of tactics and strategies from the world’s biggest leaders. It does not get better than this! I loved it wayyyy more than the Louvre or any other museum. This is not boring at all and will blow your mind if you love history like I do. The museum is located on a building that served as the hospital to all the soldiers that came back from war.

les invalides Catherine Colle Museum de La Arme Paris France Catherine Colle Napoleon Tomb

5 – Historical Attractions

The whole city has so much history that you can learn so much from just walking around it! Here are photos of other great places to visit such as the Cathedral of Notre Dame (built in 1163)! Also make sure to visit the Basilica of Sacre Coeur for an incredible view from the top of the city and cute little stores around it. Get lost in the old world… Also Moulin Rouge and Galeries Lafayette are not very far from that area.

Catherine Colle Louvre museum Catherine Colle Louvre Cat Mummies Catherine Colle Pont de arts paris Catherine Colle paris Catherine Colle Notre Dame Gelato Catherine Colle Versailles Catherine Colle Caviar Versailles

I love Paris and really want to be back soon when this whole mess is resolved because this city is truly unique, charming and enchanting in it’s own ways. Every area is different from one another but yet with the same style. (Plus they have the best Champagne! lol ah yes, the champagne area of France is a whole other post, so worth visiting!)

Other recommendations:

La Société restaurant and The Ritz Hotel

Au Revoir!  Airport Catherine Colle




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