Pressure Makes Diamonds

pressure makes diamonds cat colle catherine colle

At some point of our lives we all have to be under a lot of pressure and it’s very important to always remember that Pressure Makes Diamonds. Weather is at work or personal life we are constantly pressured to accomplish something and have to deal with several responsibilities. The real secret to not crack under pressure is to channel it towards progress.

Pressure can be great to give you that extra kick you need to finish something faster and dedicate yourself more, but pressure can also give you a lot of stress and headaches! Fortunately there’s ways to turn pressure into a positive to truly shape yourself into a Diamond.

It’s easy to want diamonds, everybody want’s them: they are beautiful, shiny, expansive and rare! But very few want to put in the hard work that is takes for coal to become a Diamond. Before the diamond reveals it’s true identity it must go trough a lot of pain, pressure and hits. The Diamond is ugly and with a lot of imperfections but it’s because it’s not molded yet. Just like us, we all have the potential to become a Diamond, but we will never know that we have this jewel inside of us if we don’t go trough the pains and the hard work!

Pressure Makes Diamonds

Don’t Let Pressure Take You Out Of Focus

pressure makes diamonds cat colle catherine colle

Pressure will always makes us move faster and guess what happens when we have to move at a speed that we are not used to? We loose focus, makes mistakes and forget about the details. Never ever forget about the details as they make the whole difference! You can be efficient and still focus even while under a lot of pressure, all you have to do is while you are working on a task to focus solely on that and don’t think about the “pressure” or whoever is pressuring you. Just get work done, efficiently. A diamond is shaped with the dedication, persistence, focus and hard work so all of those are necessary qualities to maintain while under a lot of pressure.

Control Stress Under Pressure

pressure makes diamonds cat colle catherine colle

Pressure ads extra stress to the day to day problems and at those moments you truly have to take a deep breath and think if it’s worth it to exhaust yourself. It’s very hard to think logically when so much is at risk but it pays off to control your own emotions. Stress can get the best of you, at the moment you start feeling stressed you should work immediately to diminish it. Whatever you do it’s important that you don’t let stress build up because that’s how people have outburst. Emotions don’t let you think logically and makes you even more desperate and oblivious to the reality, avoid all the drama and get straight to the point instead of talking about it. Working out also helps to relieve stress but nothing will help if you also get stressed after “work”. Is your family or spouse stressing you? Then it’s the moment to have a talk. You don’t need extra pressure from meaningless reasons if you have to focus your energy into work, your loved ones must be able to understand that.

Pressure Shapes You Into A Better Person

pressure makes diamonds cat colle catherine colle

If you are able to work under pressure then congratulations, You are a winner! Most of people give up at the first sight of pressure or difficulty, but you didn’t and that’s why you are going to evolve faster than anybody else. Even with all the responsibilities and deadlines you were still able to make it happen and now you are ready to an even bigger task! Pressure truly makes you more confident and confidence is always a plus to break your own limits. It’s important to never complain and feel pity for yourself, you wouldn’t want others to feel that way about you so why should you? Avoid negativity and see how much more you can accomplish.

To be Pretty You Must First Be Uglypressure makes diamonds cat colle catherine colle

So true! Diamonds didn’t get their beauty overnight and neither will you get your success. It’s a process that took years and a lot of pain to shape the coal into a Diamond. Just like you have to do to shape your personality, morals and integrity into a Diamond. You might think that you know it all, you don’t need help and you are after quick money but really you need to leave your EGO at the door and be humble and do the dirty work, learn from others, admit you are wrong, work until very late hours and get the most experience possible. There’s nothing wrong with having self confidence as long as you are not rude! A Diamond cares about the long lasting relationship and knows that any opportunity to make a “quick” gain is going to be hurtful in the future. A Diamond has to go trough the lowest to be able to reach the top and that’s the only way to truly understand the whole business. Diamonds don’t complain, they get things done!

I hope that this post makes you realize how much it takes to be shaped into a Diamond and that you have the potential to do it if you really want. Never give up and always have your positive attitude and mindset to guide you! Always remember Pressure Makes Diamonds

pressure makes diamonds cat colle catherine colle
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