Self Love and Authenticity

Self Love and Athenticity Cat Colle

Self love, self respect, self worth. There is a reason why they all start with “self”, you cannot find them in anyone else.

This is the first time I’m doing a post on the “KARMA” section, it might not seem directly connected to business but it’s because SELF LOVE subconsciously truly does impact all areas of your life, including your career.

Self Love is all about loving yourself the way you are, just like snowflakes, every one of us is unique even tough we are all the same species (human). Snowflakes are all hexagonals but all of them have unique patterns, not one is the same! Much like us, we all have a different finger prints and therefore a different personality and qualities.

The route to self love is a very suffering one, it will take you a lot of strength to rise above all the hate and manipulation from others trying to change your character, personality, style and pretty much everything you have. It’s gonna take patience and wisdom to know when a change is good for you and at the same time it will take a lot of courage to keep your authenticity in a world where you are encouraged to be a copy.

If you pay attention to the most successful people in the world you will realize that they are all unique and had to go trough a lot of criticism. If you don’t want to be criticized then say nothing, do nothing and be nothing.

Self Love can only come from deep inside of you, you can’t find it in anyone else. It has to be that inner energy that positively flows trough your body where you are so satisfied and happy with yourself that nothing else in the world can bring you down. Truly a work that takes time and you will maybe have to go trough some suffering to find your strength but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. ” I will not allow anything outside myself to determine my happiness” this should be what you tell yourself everyday because it’s so true! Many times outside situations have a lot to do with your mental attitude, if you have a positive one then you most surely have a positive outcome and the opposite is also true.

Loving  yourself is one of the hardest things you will have to do. It’s easy to be happy with external factors such as when a relationship is going well, getting gifts or having financial success. But what would you be if you had none of those external situations? That’s when it’s hard because there’s no artificial happiness stimulation, it’s just you and your soul. That’s when true happiness should arise, from within and nothing else. It’s hard but possible and when you achieve it , you are going to be invincible!

Accept yourself, your flaws and your qualities. Love yourself for who you are, you are unique and a divine creation that took many events to happen. Literally think about how things would be different if some world events never happened? You might have never be born if there wasn’t a World War II , you might have never be born if the earth wasn’t perfectly located at a zone where no big comets hit, and several other details that plays an important role on world history makes up the perfect coincidences for your existence. So you should consider yourself pretty important 😉

Every second is a miracle and it’s up to you to see the world in this way. Have you stopped to think how many coincidences must happen for earth to exist? Did you know that if the oxygen levels were a little bit higher we wouldn’t be able to breath because too much oxygen can catch on fire? Did you know if earth was a little bit more close or further from the sun we wouldn’t be able to survive because of the temperature? All of those details should be enough for us to see our every day as a miracle, a true gift!

Having this positive view towards life and feeling grateful is highly important to create a positive energy around you and boosting your self love. All of which will inevitably impact your career and day to day work.

Do not be self destructible is important. Look inside, look on your attitudes and your mind, what are you thinking and what are you doing. Sometimes we have destructive habits to our own selves and we don’t even pay attention.

Remember: ” When I accept myself I’m free of the burden of needing anybody to accept me”

Hope this was helpful to you on your journey to SELF LOVE,

Self Love is the Source of All our other Loves 🙂






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