The Value of Work

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First of all I want to apologize for my absence, I have been working non stop for the past few weeks and also traveling, but all that work inspired me to write about something that many people have yet to learn, The Value of Work.

I learned the Value of Work very early on as I started working when I was 14 years old and not because I needed to work but because I wanted to. I wanted to help and be productive I was tired of the same old boring school rotuine, I was already reading books about business and marketing so I wanted to put it all in practice. I was the kind of little girl who wanted to grow up fast, I didn’t enjoy much of my childhood for several reasons that were outside of my control so I couldn’t wait to be an adult! I know it sounds weird but I was always kind of an old soul, still with the innocence and joy of a child..overall a weird mix! 🙂

My first contact with work was more than just “doing work” it was intense, it was exciting and passionate, a whole new world that I discovered where all my other problems disappeared, where it was no longer about me, my ego or personality but it was all about a company, the products and the end goal. A different line of thinking that was so important for my future. Even today if you notice the ones who always put the company needs first are the ones who usually rise up to the top.

It does not matter what kind of work you do, if you do it incredibly well you can’t help but get noticed. Every work is honorable and valuable, weather is to pick up trash, serve food or run a business in the end is all about energy being exchanged for more energy (money). So don’t be ashamed or sad about your work, be proud and go about your day with lots of light and good energy to give out! Because what you give you get back, it all depends on you.

Sometimes even if you love your work you have to do tasks that you dislike! But hey it’s all ok because a coal is shaped into a diamond by being under extreme pressure! So remember this next time you have to do something you don’t like, you are being shaped, cut and molded into a diamond. Yes it hurts, yes its painful and tiring but that’s why diamonds are so valuable. Work in the end is all about working on yourself and overtime it changes you for better.

Another great lesson I learned from working is how important it is to invest your time wisely. Time is the only thing you will never have back and is the same for everybody… So make sure you are “ investing “ your time, not wasting it. Investing time with family, friends and loved ones is always a good idea because they are creating amazing memories for your future. The opposite is wasting your time with superficial people. Investing time with the right business deals is also very important because there’s lots of people out there who their only goal is to waste your time because they do not value their own. Gossip and drama are worth nothing because not only you are spreading negative energy you are also wasting your time talking about something with someone who will never give you a good return in your future.

Don’t be afraid of getting rid of those people, you will be doing yourself a favor!  People who lie for a living are stealing time from others so pick your surrounding people wisely.

Your morals, integrity and beliefs are your foundation but your actions are your structure so make sure you are building something strong and valuable.

Only you can add more value to your work and life but just know how to see what’s beyond, the true value of experiences is hidden and only the ones who search find.

Work is not always great, passionate and exciting. Sometimes is boring, tiring and stressing but it’s up to you to continue to carry on those feelings or try to see the real value behind it all.

I still have so much to learn but I try to give out what I have learned so far and I hope this article was able to positively impact your day.

Thanks for reading…



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